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No carge additional fees and commissions.

Тhe prices for rent are in Euros and include:

24-h rent.

Unlimied mileage.

Full car insurance.

All cars have (Vignette) + full of road and local taxs.

Free  delivery for Sofia( Airport +20  EUR).Addressing, routing,

compliance with a  delayed flight  (monitoring), preparation  of a  rental contract, to accompany the base paths of  Sofia.


Outside working hours  9.00 – 20.00 Tax 20 ЕUR

The cost of one lease day is valid for 24 (twenty four) hours as  from the moment the car was given under lease.

The minimum lease period is  3 х 24 hours,minimum age of 30

For a delay in giving back the vehicle from one to four hours one  should pay 50% of the lease price for a single lease day.

For a delay more than four hours one should pay 100% of the lease  price for a single lease day.

The monthly lease price is valid up to 30 days.

The lease price does not include fuel.

Driving  outside the country:

Driving  of the lease car is possible in case of advanced order at least three  working days and payment of a one-time charge to the amount of EUR 50.

Some  desitnations are due to further negotiations

In any case of damage, scratches, uzhulvane, damage or theft of components and parts

the car where necessary repairs or painting to deduct money from the deposit or the entire

deposit - regardless of vinovnosta!

   . Renter nursery school should know that signing a lease car his personal information

can be used for criminal justice and, as needed provided copies

of the traffic police and the Interior Ministry!

   . Renter is personally liable to the traffic police and the Interior Ministry in violation of speed limits

documented with ordinary stationary and mobile cameras and Speed​​!

Terms and papers:

Terms for renting a car:
Contract for renting a car:

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